Ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki (2008)

This ferry to Helsinki was so much fun!  Who would have thought 16 hours on a boat would be so great.  But when I boarded the ferry at 4:00 in the afternoon, the sun was out, it was the perfect place to sit and relax and read watching all the trees and islands go by.  It was breathtaking watching the scenery float by (or I guess we were floating by).  Everyone on this ferry was there for a good time.  Beers were flowing, music was on and there was no way to be bored on this boat as it was like a cruise ship with buffets, casinos, nightclub, karaoke bar, pubs and even a hot tub/sauna you could pay to use.

My plan was to enjoy the sun for a few hours and read, enjoy a few beers, check out the boat and the duty free shopping (which was MUCH more expensive than buying it full price at home).  Go figure!  I knew I wanted to use the hot tub as my body is aching from all the walking and dragging my bag around.   I finally got to the hot tub for the last hour it was open and another man joined me in my hot tub and started chatting with me.  I heard all about his daughter, horrible ex-wife that doesn`t let him see his 4 year old daughter much and in Finland, the child always goes to the mother in divorces.  So he only gets to see her a few times a month.  Then he got out and two other men in their 40`s/50`s started talking to me and invited me into their hot tub (as there was two).  I stayed where I was as my water was a hotter temperature.   They were fun to talk to and were from an hour outside Helsinki so interesting to hear from them what to do with my time in Finland.  As it ended up, I don`t remember their names, but they remembered mine.  When I got off the Ferry in the morning, I heard “have a great trip Megan” as I walked past these two men on the escalator.  I love that I heard someone call out to me as it makes me feel a little more a part of something and not just a random wanderer.

So after the hot tub last night, I went up to the pub to see what was happening and there was a guitar player that was singing some of my favorite songs from James Taylor, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac so I got a beer and sat down to listen.  So glad I did as he played some Damien Rice which I now really like thanks to Colin introducing his music to me.

As I was sitting at the pub, an older man sat next to me and starts chatting me up (Finland people are very chatty).  At first, I thought he was the same 38 year old from the hot tub (with the daughter) as he looked the same and was so friendly with me.  Then I made a reference to something we spoke about, and I realized it was not the same.  Whoops.

I ended my ferry night at midnight as it was the most amazing sunset…yes I said sunset at midnight.  Take a look at that picture as it was pretty cool.  It`s been so light out as I`m pretty far north.  Its about 11pm and the sun is still out.  Crazy.  Anyways, I decided I don`t need to party all night and was off to bed.

Sweden to Finland Highlights 2008 (2)

Sunset on Ferry to Helsinki (at midnight!)

Sunset on Ferry to Helsinki (at midnight!)










Now I`m in Helsinki waiting to check into my room and then off to see the city.

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