I’m Off Again! – August 2009

I’m off to Japan for 3 weeks to visit with my Australian friend Vanessa (who just moved to Japan last month). Some people think this is crazy of me as I just got back from traveling for 15 months all over the world, but after a lot of thinking, it makes a lot of sense to go now.

First – I don’t currently have a job and Vanessa just moved to Japan and also doesn’t have a job now so she is free to go play and explore her new country.

Second – I can use miles on United to get there for almost free and will be able to stay with Vanessa and Chris and also travel around cheaply with Vanessa. We may even get to return to our posh packing days (if we play our cards right).

Finally – Once I get a new job (which I hope will be soon after I return), it will be hard for me to get time off work to go visit Vanessa in Japan and she may have a job and not able to travel around with me

So I will continue my round the world trip in Japan and then spend the month of September in California.

Wish me luck as I know getting around Japan on a budget will challenge my savvy yet frugal travel skills.

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