Heading overseas to Myanmar…Previously Known as Burma

I have been self imposed “grounded” in the United States for over a year and a half (that’s a really long time for me) and allowed for both my passports to expire (unheard of for me).  Well the good news is I’m soon going to be on my way overseas again with a brand new passport and a visa on arrival letter to allow me entry.

After what was a great family Christmas with 28 members of The Gunn Clan on Sunday, I’m heading off to SFO early Monday morning to start my 21 hour journey to Yangon, Myanmar with a layover in Hong Kong.  I should arrive right after midnight on Wednesday to meet my friend Milena who spent a couple days prior in Singapore.

After checking in for my flight at the airport this morning, I got the great news that I was upgraded to business class for the entire flight and I was just thrilled!  So a little breakfast, bubbles and  last minute work emails to send while in the business lounge…I should be on my way in an hour.

Why Myanmar???

As I was getting ready for this trip, and told friends I was going to Myanmar…my friends keep asking, “what country, where is that, why do you want to go there?”  What is there to do there and I got excited sharing.

My quick answer was it’s a country I wanted to visit as it’s still somewhat untouched from a tourism standpoint.  The borders just opened up in 2012 to tourism and the few people I know have been, but those that have been all rave about the amazing beauty of the country.

I have heard a lot great things and seen amazing photos and have wanted to have the chance to explore.  I almost went in 2014, when I spent 3 months in Asia, but there were some political issues going on and I didn’t think it was safe, so I added it to my list to visit in the future and Milena said she was game and we started planning.

It will be a quick 6 days in 3 cities (including New Years in the city of Bagan, but we wanted to maximize our time, see as much as we could and find somewhere great to celebrate the new year.

So stay tuned for more updates.  As I haven’t updated my travel blog in almost two years, I had to reteach myself how to make it work and this is my first test before I flee the country on Monday.


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