Snafu #1 – Bergen Airport Strike (2008)

I am sure there will be many snafu`s along the way and today was the first.

After taking 2 buses in Edinburgh to get to the airport, having to unload 7 kg of weight from my bag (as easyjet first makes you pay to check a bag and then makes you pay if you are over a small weight limit).  Oh well – good thing I had a small rolled up bag to carry on my excess weight (thanks for the great suggestion Allison – glad I bought it in California).

Anyways – I landed at London Gatwick and had 2.5 hours until I left for Bergen, Norway.  I couldn`t find the Scandinavian Airlines check in desk anywhere – and I looked and was in the right area “E”.  Strange…no desk and no one there to check in for an international flight leaving in about 2 hours.  I finally found someone that told me the Bergen Airport went on strike today and all flights were cancelled.  She said I should have gotten a call or email.  No email for me (dad – did you get a phone call as I had to list a phone number and listed yours).  Hopefully you weren`t awoken in the middle of the night…sorry if you were (I`ll use a fake number next time).

So – It`s 6:30 pm and what am I to do as they booked me on a different flight to somewhere in Norway that was 6 hours south of Bergen and I had to get my own way there?  Now keep in mind, the airline owes me nothing since it`s not their fault – so they aren`t putting me in a hotel or paying for me to get to Heathrow (40 pounds or so) and I already paid for a room in Bergen that wasn`t refundable.  Bummer – huh?  So far this little snafoo has cost me about 30 pounds ($60) – but no biggie – these things will happen and I just have to roll with it.

I remembered Amber (my wonderful London friend I just stayed with)  was going to finish a huge work project on Friday and said she would be in town and ready to party so I bought a phone card, and after about 20 attempts of dialing and adding/subtracting numbers, I reached her and she said come over and sort out my stuff but they wouldn`t be here (as she and Richard were out to a dinner to celebrate her achievement).

No worries – I know where to go and how to get around.  It was perfect for me – allowed me time to figure out options and make plans.  Now I`m relaxed again with a beer and Ally McBeal on TV (gotta love re-runs) and I am booked to Copenhagen tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) and I have a place to stay for 3 days.  All is good.

We`ll see what fun adventure comes next….

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