Beers and Flags Around The World

I don’t recall when or where I started this, but I started taking a photo of the local beer in front of somewhere scenic and beautiful in every country I visit (with the one rule that people are never allowed in these photos).  Well…I try to at least.  Not all countries have a local beer (as Muslim countries don’t make beer) and some countries don’t make their own and only import.  Over the years, I’ve had some friends tell me they look forward to my “beer shot” when I travel so I finally decided to put them all together in one place as best I can.

I actually think it was after my first trip to Thailand in 2002 when we all started taking photos of Singha beer over the ocean that started this tradition.  Since then, I also thought I should get a little culture and I try to get a photo of the country flag.  So here goes from the Beers and Flags I’ll collected so far…


Beer in Antarctica (well it's Argentina's beer as Antarctica doesn't have a anywhere to make beer!)

Beer in Antarctica (well it’s Argentina’s beer as Antarctica doesn’t have a anywhere to make beer!)












ARGENTINA (2006, 2009)

Argentina's Beer and Flag

Argentina’s Beer and Flag













Australia Beer at Ayers Rock

Australia Beer at Ayers Rock

Australia's Flag

Australia’s Flag










AUSTRIA (1998, 2008)

Austria's Beer

Austria’s Beer













BHUTAN (2014)

Bhutan's Local Beer by Tiger's Nest

Bhutan’s Local Beer by Tiger’s Nest

Bhutan's National Flag. One of the few countries that it was hard to find as it doesn't fly everywhere.

Bhutan’s National Flag. One of the few countries that it was hard to find as it doesn’t fly everywhere.













Colombia (2014-2015)

Colombia Flag and Club Colombia Beer


DENMARK (2008)

Denmark's Beer and Flag

Denmark’s Beer and Flag












ESTONIA (2008) 

Estonia's Beer and Flag

Estonia’s Beer and Flag












FIJI (2017)


FINLAND (2008)

Finland's Beer and Flag

Finland’s Beer and Flag












GERMANY (1998, 2017)

Germany’s Flag

Berlin’s Beer by the Berlin Wall














ICELAND (2017)

Iceland’s Viking Beer over Gullfoss Waterfall










INDONESIA (2013, 2014)

Indonesia Flag and Bintang Beer




JAMAICA (2008)

Jamaica's Beer and Flag

Jamaica’s Beer and Flag













LAOS (2014)

Laos Flag

Laos Flag

Beer Lao on the Mekong River

Beer Lao on the Mekong River

















LATVIA (2008)

Latvia's Beer and Flag

Latvia’s Beer and Flag













MALAYSIA (2008, 2014, 2017)

– In 2014, I couldn’t find a beer anywhere to buy.  When I asked locals, they told me they don’t have a national beer as it’s a Muslim country.  All I could find were imported beers at bars or hotels.  So I settled on no beer shot on this short trip.

Malaysia Flag

Malaysia Flag in 2014











When I returned to Malaysia, and went far out to the eastern part in Boreno, I saw a new beer called Anchor and never heard of it.  When I asked, I was told that was a local beer to Malaysia.  Ends up it’s part of the Heinekin family and it is made in Malaysia…so I now have my local beer shot and took this on the magical island of Sipadan on my last day scuba diving.

Malaysia Flag and local Anchor Beer in 2017


Myanmar aka Burma (2016)

Myanmar Flag and Beer

RUSSIA (2008)

Russia's Beer and Flag

Russia’s Beer and Flag













Slovenia's Beer and Flag

Slovenia’s Beer and Flag














Slovakia's Beer and Flag

Slovakia’s Beer and Flag













Thailand - Flag

Thailand – Flag

Thailand's Singha Beer in Ko Tao

Thailand’s Singha Beer in Ko Tao in 2014













TAIWAN (2014)



UKRAINE (2008)

Ukraine's Beer and Flag

Ukraine’s Beer and Flag













Uruguay’s Beer in Punte de Este

Uruguay’s Flag








VANUATU (2018)

Vanuatu’s Tusker Beer at Mt. Yasar Volcano…caught it right when it started to erupt!




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